Baxter is proof that even the largest feuds can be forgotten when a life is at stake. 

The little black lab (he wasn’t quite the size of a small horse like he is today) was found by a dog’s mortal enemy, the mailman, in the middle of a February blizzard. Instead of biting his ankle, Baxter played it cool. The mailman, never a cocky chap, decided that taking him home would be pushing his luck. So instead, he took Baxter next door to the Rosedale Development Association and asked them to watch the dog for him. The good folks at the RDA, in turn, asked Alistair to watch the pupcicle over lunch. That was nearly three years ago.

Baxter is now fat, happy and more than a little neurotic. Proving that pets do indeed mimic their owners.

If you’re visiting the photography studio, you’re more than likely to run into Baxter. Or, rather, he’ll probably run into you. Repeatedly. It seems he’s figured out how to work the beer tap. Maybe it’s the booze, or his personality, but don’t be surprised if it takes a bit for him to warm up to you. Once he does, he’s really very friendly. Some say overly friendly. Again, he takes after his owner, whom he’s also totally obsessed with (and who can blame him).

Baxter is a master of dog tricks. He can jump on table (heck, he is a table) and he can run around aimlessly. If you have any food of any kind, he will be your best friend. Did we mention he is a lot like Alistair?